So you want to see your Resume getting you Job-Winning Interview.

Being in the field of recruitment for past 6 years, I have come to realise that If you want a job-winning interview , you've got to focus on your real experience - not just theory.

There are various websites and bloggers , who will suggest you to perfect your resume.

Its an excellent advice and generally true . But what happens when everything is right on your resume and your resume looks great - But you are still not getting the desired interview Calls?

While getting job is tough in the tight job market , but more tough is to compete in a cluttered market, Where its difficult to differentiate between candidates. A good resume cannot help you in getting a job but it can help you in getting an interview!

In this post , I will give you insights on 3 key things which can help you get fast Job-winning interview calls.

1. Have In Depth Knowledge of Your Resume

Its always important to read your resume and understand what your resume is conveying.Most of the times people send their same resume without even realizing the role requirement given by the company. In such situations either their resumes are not shortlisted or during interview when asked about strategic planning skills , the candidate looks lost on key examples to co-relate strategic planning.

Be Sure - Read your CV twice and edit according to the role requirement

2. Know the Role and Company

Do you really understand the role and search about the company before applying ?Or do you just apply for the job under influence by the company name or may be your Ex-boss - who is currently working there. Apart from web searching the company,

Its important to see how you are role fit and organization fit and what you are reflecting in your resume. Highlight your core recognition and accomplishments in a way that demonstrates your ability to work the company you are applying

3. Focus on the Skills Sets and Job Gaps (If Any)

There are skills which are job specific and role specific, highlight your key skills on top of the page because of huge data base, recruiters and large organizations , search Resumes through key words and skills sets on portals. This helps in getting your on the Top searches

Secondly don't leave any job gaps in your career journey. Do clearly mention your tenure in a given company like Month / Year - When you begin and when you ended .

If there is any career gap , do mention the reason clearly rather hiding it.

Conclusion - It's Not So Hard

While all you have read above seems important and overwhelming at first, The first thing that you must note that its simple and you can do this. When I started doing this I also did not have any idea, but the more I did the better I became.

Today I myself write power resumes and prepare Middle and Senior professionals for Interviews through coaching by self-generative systems through proven methods

I challenge you to try the above strategies and taste success ... Trust me ... it will be worth it or reach me out on

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