5 Secrets for a successful Job Interview

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5 Secrets for a successful Job Interview EVERYTIME!

Do you want to be successful in every interview?

Do you want to win your dream job and do better than others?

Do you want to know WHY only 1 person is selected , when 2 people with same calibre appear for the same post?

5 Top Secrets that can help you  get Break Through every time you attend any interview !



Fact : The Hiring Manager would read your CV thoroughly, while you haven’t in recent past. Why put yourself at an immediate disadvantage?

Action : You must ensure that you have read your CV twice. Try and consider the types of questions you might be asked about it or the areas you could be asked to discuss further.

Common answers you should always consider preparing include:

  • Why you want to Join us
  • The relevant skills and experience you acquired in a role
  • Why you want to leave your job
  • Why you enjoyed or dislike in a role
  • Why you choose to attend a training or workshop


Fact - Employers need to know that you have taken a genuine interest in their organisation and that you applied for the role because you are keen to work for them.

        “If you show no knowledge of their organisation you reveal a lack of interest in where you work – so why should they hire you to work for them? “



  1. Browse the “About Us “on company website
  2. Visit their Social Media pages or track down their recent press releases
  3. Make a note of points of interest
  4. Save your best to last – (Gather feedback from top customers, and share it with the hiring manager)
  5. Close the discussion by saying ‘Is there anything else you need to know?


Fact : A successful candidate will carefully plan about what exactly the role the organization has to offer !

The successful candidate, will  tailor their skills and achievements exactly to the job description for the specific role they are interviewing for and not repeat the same pitch for every job interview


  1. Share your last 3 years Appraisal ratings ( Which covers all Key Result Areas)
  2. Review your Achievements & Awards in previous jobs
  3. Volunteering roles you have held recently
  4. Your involvement within group projects whilst managing your own

Understand the Job Description

Fact - A job description in an advertisement tells you so much – but the candidate with success in mind will always request a full job specification.


  • Firstly, it sets the stage perfectly for you to enter your interview cast in the role of a Committed, Interested and Highly Motivated candidate.
  • It gives you that extra bit of information over others and allows you to understand the role and the skills it requires more thoroughly.
  • Finally, it may reveal a requirement of the role that you do not fully meet – So when interviewer ask for Improvement Areas , you identify this as an area you wish to develop in the near future .

5.Practice Answers

Fact – Most of the interviews generally follow the same pattern, which means there are standard questions , which are most likely to be asked in every interview

 Here is how you should go about responding to some of the most common questions:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What do you know about us?
  • What are your career goals?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Why did you leave your last position?
  • What are your salary expectations?

These were some really powerful points I noted after going through few interesting articles.

The reason I'm sharing this is because I'm not perfect, but I'm working on myself everyday and I would like to pass on this information without any inhibitions with my Facebook friends !

So which of these 5 secrets will you start working on from now?

Do you connect with this message?

If yes, share your thoughts below.

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