What’s common in the top CEOs of Fortune 500 companies?

What’s common in the top CEOs of Fortune 500 companies?

“Ideas are commodity. Execution of them is not.”  – Michael Dell, Dell

We all have ideas of how we can make a difference, be successful and achieve our goals. But the key difference is the execution of the ideas and turning dreams into reality.

The best way to learn and be successful is to model the best. When you start learning from people who have already traveled the path, it becomes simple (Yet not easy) to reach your goals faster .

After a bit of research on some of the sSuccessful CEOs and my face to face interactions with some of the top CEOs. I have picked some key pointers from what others have done


Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Balance is one of the key trait of a successful leader. Instead of reacting , these top heads respond with cool minds .

They have build the ability to listen others insightfully and challenge people constructively to put their point of view . They express confidently , clearly and factually, without being aggressive or defensive , while still being assertive.

If you want to be like the top CEOs, the real key to emotional intelligence is consciousness. Being able to identify what emotions you are feeling, and why, is what determines the emotional balance.


All top CEOs reflect high on their business judgment, though not easy but they practiceit very often. This is also refer as Strategic Thinking.

Most of these CEOs attend to relevant details, without getting bogged down by it.

They absorb large amount of facts & figures and be able separate useful information from random or misleading data.

 They have build strategic thinking ability to be able to relate different pieces of information and explore possible linkages between them.

 They keep in touch with the outside world, to be able to spot new trends, opportunities and threats , especially through developing and maintaining external business network  and they make balanced decisions in the absence of all the information ( Which everyone wants but never available )

 If you want to build Business Judgment as your skill , start by changing your mindset. If you  think this skill is meant only for CEOs , think again. Its for everyone in the organization to have and build strategic thinking.


CEOs can’t work in silos. They need to build their relations with their colleagues , employees and outside world . As they represent the organization they pay lot of attention to their personal branding

They do personal branding by setting a solid and consistent example for colleagues internally, and network confidently outside.

Their personal branding also includes clear communication skills in establishing core values and acting fairly and even promoting and encouraging those who may be better than them in few selected areas, to strengthen the business

Personal branding is nothing but your simple business card, but the brand you build around yourself is perhaps the single most important way to stand out in your network


  To make into the list of top fortune companies , the top man needs to bring continuous improvement, finding better ways of doing things and maintain and raising standards. These top CEOs have build this ability by setting high standards and helping others to achieve them .

They learn from their past and seek novel solutions by involving others (where needed)

They work with lot of focus , drive & determination

Their persistence to see things through , dealing with important priorities first and their resilience to overcome inevitable set-backs makes them outstanding CEOs


Above all leadership is the cherry on the cake , it’s a combination of sum total of all the above 4 qualities . The more you practice  emotional intelligence, business judgment , personal branding , Innovation &Problem solving skills , the more you become a true leader in your organization whatever role you may be in.

                                          CONCLUSION – BE THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE  & BUSINESS

If you want to be a CEO or think like a CEO, you don’t need to have all the resources but you need to be resourceful and One of the greatest skills of a CEO is to ask powerful questions.

I can initiate you to a state of resourcefulness to unleash new energy , make Innermost Shift to achieve the best and be an outstanding individual . I am trained in 11 ICF competencies, I follow the ICF ethics and guidelines .

Are You ready ?

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