“ If you do not GO after what you want, You will NEVER have it! ”

A few years ago , when I was moved to a new role and had to relocate , I was denied pay rise because I was told that you are moving in the same band and this is just change of location. I tried to be a team player and not get discouraged, but I got the feeling that I am squeezed out . That was the time I felt – Shall I stay or Quit?

Are YOU getting squeezed out too ? 

The economy is improving (As per Govt. Figures) , but companies are finding creative ways to eliminate employees. Many of you would be thinking that I was lucky , I got a job within the same company and didn’t get any pay cut.

In those tough days the emotional impact was great on me, leading to feelings of anxiety and depression - and a loss of Focus and Creativity. The potential effects came on work performance as well which lead to reduced productivity, innovation, bad relationships with colleagues and overall morale.

With tough times ahead the sad part is, if you aren’t growing and shifting jobs with market demands, you’ll wake up one day and find that the job market has decided you are overpaid or you are not stable with frequent change of jobs. As far as my experience goes, this is happening a lot more with experienced workers, especially now that the younger generations make up more than half the workforce. These younger employees often are willing to do the same work for less money.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the more experience they gain, the higher the salary they will make, which is not true. However, the only thing that gives you more pay today, is increasing demand of your skills.


  • You need to identify your specialty and then identify companies who view that speciality as a premium. Otherwise, employers will see you as commodity and will not give due importance in their system.
  • You need to work on sharpening your skills sets and shifting your skills sets as per changing market needs. This will help you to analyze the job market and position yourself, while continuing to grow and evolve within your own system

For example – If you want to get into Leadership roles , develop your networking skills by doing 1 on 1 meetings with professionals who are doing great leadership roles within or outside your organization  or join HCN Ahead webinars for deeper understanding of  the leadership concepts.

  • Review your past 3 months and particularly your weekends . What do you do when you were sitting idle? How did you spend your free time , will reveal your true interests and aspiration


  • Compare these aspirations with people who inspires you .Think about how you are currently adding value at work. If you are not in the field or office today ,what would not get done?


  • Whats a day in the life of your company with you not there? That may be the areas where you’re adding the value.

If you are in a squeezed LEMON situation in your current role,  you need to turn the situation in your favour by adding wisdom into your experience and not the years.

Whether you're a leader today or a future leader, you should be aware that the game has changed. Leaders for the future will require more skills, more patience, and a new and innovative view of leadership and  to find success in the new businesses of the 21st century and beyond.

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All key messages that I have mentioned above are from my personal experiences and few articles that I have read.

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