Are you stuck in your career inspite of High Performance? Here’s what you need to do!

Are you stuck in your career inspite of High Performance? Here’s what you need to do!

Do you have the skills in you to get the job you want or the job you are aiming for? Many job seekers are not aware, what employers are looking for! Most would refer the Job Description provided by the employer or would guess LEADERSHIP?

Interestingly research suggest that leadership is scarce in most business and the most sought after skill in all employees and prospect job seekers.


If you are a consistent performer year after year and recognized as a High-POT leader, sooner you need to discard all the key strengths which has helped you to reach to the top - to become an effective leader. This is the toughest transition in your career – from doing to leading.

The key reason is, that skills which helped you to reach your peak performance are the ones that you have mastered it and your ability to take the task and run it without close supervision – can only help you to get immediate performance and can derail you as a manger if you keep trying to accomplish things the way you’ve always done them.

Even if you are not in the people manager role yet, you can start building the leadership skills which may help you not only in your current job but also in future roles within or outside your company.

The top three ways are:

  1. Start Identifying your Learning Zones and Performance Zones

Leading is a continuous process so you need to keep identifying and building your short & long term goals. You may be a specialist in one area, doing your “as best as you can” with flawless execution and with minimal mistakes.

But in building new skills set, you need to use all your resources and step out of your comfort zone, which means you have to start networking outside your team – Lookout for people like yourself who are subject matter experts in other domains to broaden your skill sets as per your goals.


    2.Double Your Rate Of Failure

The formula to be successful in building your leadership skills is quite simple. Double the rate of your failure . If you are thinking of failure as the hindrance to your success – it isn’t true at all ... It completely depends upon you , You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it .So go ahead and make mistakes , Make all you can . Because that’s where you will find success.

So, how young leaders can display the leadership skills, even if they are not in the leadership role? Next time in your team meeting , share how you tried several times to achieve a particular task and even with repeated failures what did you learn, and acknowledge who helped you in building your confidence and guidance to achieve the milestone if not the ultimate Goal.


3.Establish Your Credibility

Credibility is something which is very dear to all of us , It takes a lifetime to build credibility . Think about any leader that you are following or wish to follow from any domain – Politics , Sports , or even your own boss , you would find one common thing in all of them , that they use actions with words and lead from the front.

So, how young leaders can display CREDIBILITY, even if you are not in the leadership role? All of us are expected to deliver on our objectives, which means doing your job and ensuring goals are met. This is just the beginning . Once you have delivered , start over-delivering . Go the extra mile which many wants to avoid. Give your BEST .

As you over-deliver, people will notice you and once you start touching your peak performance , you need to start your journey again by identifying your new skills to be developed – Thats where most of the professionals get stuck and feel they have done enough or their job is monotonous .

To sum it up – Get clear on your goals and end result of it. Share it with your manager , mentor or anyone who you trust and can guide you better. So if you want to move from doing to leading follow the path of 1. Shifting between learning and performance zones 2. Double the rate of your failure & 3. Build your credibility .

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