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From Unproductive to Productive Patterns – Why & How ?

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How to increase your productivity 10X times?

Do you know what’s the key difference between Productive People & Average People? On one hand we have best of the opportunities available to us because of rapid innovation and technology upgradation to make our life easier, today we have the highest number of opportunities to make or earn more...Read More


Getting a job today is easy but making the best out of that job can be worth if you know how to make it work for you .Especially if you calculate the time that you spend each month and the productivity of your time.
Make your each day count by putting your best efforts and time into it. Dont waste your time doing unproductive things. And the same applies to me so that I can also improve myself and bring the best out of me in challenging situations.
Success in your job

Why our resolutions get Diluted?

Achieve More , Earn More and Grow More – these are three most common New Year themes of most of the organization in the kick-off meetings . The entire organization comes together to celebrate the last year achievements and plan for the next year and that sets up the tone...Read More

Hiring the Right Candidate – 5 Mistakes that Managers Make !

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How to Get Job Promotion at work?

A recent study finds evidence that Optimism pays off in Job Hunting and promotions. Research also suggest that having high self-esteem with positive feelings makes us feel good & worthy. If you are thinking about your next promotion or looking for higher post within or outside your company you need...Read More

How to manage Lay-offs and Stay Ahead?

Being Laid - off, is one of the most difficult situation to be in & the most challenging time for any employee to cope up with. Since past 5 years, In my current role – I have seen many layoff happened and the devastating effects on individuals and their families. It’s...Read More

Why you should PAY MORE attention to your CV ?

Do You know that :

The average time spent by recruiters looking at a resume: 5 to 7 seconds
76% of resumes are discarded for an unprofessional email address
63% rejection rate when you have long CV of more than 3 pages

If you are looking out for job search and not getting anywhere , you need to look at your resume

Your CV is designed to do one thing for you : to get a Desired Job.

I remember it was in 2007, when I decided to pursue new job opportunities outside of my current 


Are you getting paid as per your potential ?  Will you ever get paid as per your Potential ?

The Answer is NO ! a Big NO ….. they will only pay you when they think you have the potential and thats possible only when you make them think that you have the potential,  not only to perform but to outperform others.

In my experience I have seen many professionals in Job or in business, generally worried  that they have not been paid  well as compare to their counterparts in the same company