Every job demands the best from the employee all the time, and its often the responsibility of the boss to do this job to keep his/her team in balance to get the best out of them – but sometimes few bosses go far too beyond and have over demanding expectation.

Who are over demanding bosses?

These are those bosses, who expect you to work beyond the expected timelines, even when the work can be finished in the regular hours. Such bosses will ask you for reports , which they will never open.

You may also find, such bosses giving you task which are not part of your responsibility and will keep piling your work.

How to manage such over demanding & unrealistic boss  and tell your boss that his/her expectations are over demanding  - without getting into bad books.

  1. Unreasonable Timelines

Its 6 pm in the eve , and your boss comes to your seat and tells you that he has just finished his meeting with his boss and wants you to give business projection by tonight as he has to present it tomorrow morning. And you know that even if you sit whole night, it wont be done or if done the quality of work will be compromised .

What you want to say but can’t say :

“ Are you serious , its 6pm. You horrible man – You want a 3 day job to be done by overnite… you nuts”

Instead you should say :

“I understand that this needs urgent priority. While I went through the details of the sales projections , I think to get the best of the sales projections and as these details are required at the top most management level , could we set it up by Thursday ( 2 Days later). What do you think boss?”

  1. Work beyond your job responsibilities

You are in a discussion with your boss , and all of a sudden your boss tells you to go out and pick his car from the service station or buy ciggrate packs from the market

And that’s when you get a message in your mind “ That’s not my job” and you need to give it back

What you want to say but can’t say :

Whats going on – I am not your personal assistant and it not my job to follow your order every time you wish and I run to fulfill it . Go yourself and pick your bag or pick n drop your wife.

Instead you should say :

I am sorry boss , I am occupied in an important sales presentation which we decided to complete and expecting a call from the team or client. And I want to give my full energy and dedication towards it. Hope you don’t mind.

  1. Your boss feels , all your time is his time

It’s a Saturday eve or Sunday morning, your boss feels that he / she can call you anytime for work related discussion. Though you have been informing him that you have your own priorities on holidays and vacations, but he still calls you up anytime, anywhere.

What you want to say but can’t say:

I may be your popular and favorite team mate, but I also have a personal life and needs a break. Don’t keep chasing me on holidays and weekends like a devil

Instead you should say :

Boss – I really appreciate your effort to get the work done, but I don’t check my official mails or messages on holidays pr weekends. During holidays I take a break to recharge and rejuvenate, so that I can be on the top of my work during working hours and give my best.

  1. When your boss piles loads of work on you

It’s a monthly town hall meeting and your MD has announced a new initiative. Most of the business head are silent as it requires additional manpower to run that initiative, Suddenly one hand goes up . Your boss over enthusiastically says “ My team will deliver it “ and there is clap all around .

Now the work is piling up on your desk with little empathy on what you already have it on your plate .

What you want to say but can’t say:

“Common boss , Why you want to be a hero in board meetings and take everything flowing in the air. Find out someone else . My list is already long – Atleast see that first before taking the assignment “

What Should you Say:

“ I appreciate that you have lot of trust on me . But I already have a list of assignment to work upon, some even at start stage. Why don’t we sit over this Friday and make a list of priorities and decide which to work upon and which to drop from the list”

Managing a boss and that too who has unreasonable demands is never easy . Though you may sometimes find it difficult to hold your uneasy feelings inside and behave in a very polite and professional way . But try using some examples above to manage such situations.

Its also very important to remain calm from inside and be in control.

Rather than building anger or frustration towards your boss , Get a mentor NOW for yourself , who can guide you to remain focused and in control during these situations.

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