ICF Certified Coach | Founder/Director at HCN Consultants Pvt Ltd | Consulting | Recruitment | Learning & Development

An ICF (International Coach Federation) certified, results-driven, and accomplished entrepreneur with a proven track record of people development and talent management. With over 20 years of experience, I have constructed a solid background in sales, marketing, business development, consulting, learning & development, coaching, and content development.

Currently, I am the Director and Founder of Human Capability Network Consultants Private Limited, serving various needs of clients ranging from staffing solutions to content development. Prior to this, I have worked at BMS India for about two years as a National Sales Manager before being promoted to an Associate Director Marketing. This experience was preceded by the work at Stryker as a Regional Manager for one year and at AstraZeneca as a Regional Sales Manager for seven years.

I have majorly been part of leading Pharma & Healthcare companies throughout the career. Having been part of the Pharma & Healthcare industry, I have gained hands-on experience with and profound knowledge of marketing techniques used in critical care and immunology portfolio. Using this knowledge, I have been managing talents for clients operating in Pharma & healthcare industry with an innovative approach to developing and nurturing both fresh & experienced talent.

I am proficient in assisting candidates in personality development, career planning, and coaching. Having done an MBA from Symbiosis, I have learned all aspects of mentoring talents and help them market their own skills in a best possible way to increase their chances of getting selected for the desired job. Synergizing the skills of marketing and human resources, I have delivered impeccable results to the clients.

I believe that I possess the essential skills to accomplish given tasks efficiently. I am open to all comments, discussions, and professional proposals

Life is Beautiful

Life is uncertain and complex. It always has been, is and will continue to be that. How resilient, confident, perceptive, happy and empowered we are determines how we deal with the googlies. Living a life that is inside out may not change your life situations but it will definitely create a shift in how you “see” them, what you “feel” and how you respond.


Suicide and depression cases are on the rise. We read almost every day how the much celebrated “success”ful people become so disillusioned with life that they either commit suicide or get into clinical depression. We need to ask ourselves is material and professional success the ONLY barometer that we have been conditioned to think of as success?

In this age of Artificial Intelligence, the most important thing that we are missing out today is Emotional Intelligence. And believe it or not it is this EI that will eventually reveal whether or not we have lived a full life.

I coach humans on the following aspects, raising their awareness so that they can internalize that understanding and transform to being their best, irrespective of what they do professionally or personally.

Happiness is not a result of If….then.

Emotional well being

Mindfulness – Getting rid of past stories and baggage

States and Stages – Neurology Vs Psychology

Value-based living – Guiding and Evolving Values

Ease of transition from student to manager to leader

Work-Life Balance

Resilience – the power to bounce back

Stress Management techniques

Goal Setting and Measuring

Building Perspectives as Leaders and in personal life

I firmly believe that none of us is broken, how can we be? After all the master creator can not create anything less than masterpieces. At the core and at the level of our beingness we are all the same, it is only the dust of life that has settled on us that makes us shine a little less, be a little less and know a little less. I believe in the possibilities and innate potentiality of a human and I trust the universe.

Who am I: Trained in Competencies laid by International Coach Federation and a certified Practitioner of Richard Bandler’s Neuro Life Programming techniques. I am a Life, Happiness and Transition Coach; having completed my training with AlphaStars Academy of Excellence.

A passionate human I have gone through my own trials and celebrations and the one thing that I have taken away from life is that we are the creators of our reality, of our growth and expansion. If we don’t take responsibility of our “self”, who will?

A rich background in Communications, I have had extensive and immersive experience in editing, writing and events. I have worked previously with Encyclopedia Britannica, Impact Marketing Services, EdElevate, NIIT, JayPee Industries and multiple freelance assignments. My writings have been published in Economic Times (Travel) and Thrive Global and have co authored a book on coaching (yet to be published).