How to create High Performing Teams That Gets Result ?

How to create High Performing Teams That Gets Result ?

Which style of leadership will be most suitable to transform Non-performing team to High Performing?

Have you ever been a part of a great team at work? A team where you love to work every morning, a team that is charged with lots of energy, and a team that that encouraged you to accomplish goals you thought were impossible.

With such team you felt  a great sense of belonging and believed that others had your back in every situation. This team made work fun, exciting and an adventure every day.

If you follow through such dream teams, you would find that its the team leader who inspire and motivate them to achieve their vision. Lets understand in detail with the following case study

Case Study

How Non – Performing Team Transformed to High Performing Team

Consider the case of Rahul , The regional manager of a major division in a healthcare company . Rahul, a successful sales manager was appointed to a new role as Division Head, while the division is in deep crisis. Not making profits for past 3 years and not on target for past 2 years. Morale among the top management team was miserable; mistrust and resentments were rampant.

What Actions Rahul Took

Build Trust & Rapport with Team

From the start, He realized that he has very less time to demonstrate effective leadership and to Build Rapport and Trust with everyone . He also know that he has to work hard to find out what was not working , So his first task was to listen to key people.

FactAs a leader, you know you can't just set your things on your new desk in the corner office and start bossing people around. Employees need to have a sense of who you are, know what your definition of success is, and trust your process.

Knowing the Team

During the first 15 days of his joining he had one on one meetings with each team member over lunch or dinner to listen and understand the current issues and challenges , but more than listening his main focus was on learning , how each person diagnosed the problem and know each manager as a person. This helped him in exploring their interest , aspirations and personal lives

FactWhen a leader takes the time to invest in team members on a more personal level it shows that the leader cares about who their employees “are,” not just what they “do.”

Team Building 

In Next 15 days , he planned a three day offsite meeting . His goal here was Team Building, So that everyone would own whatever solutions for the business problems emerged. He encouraged everyone to express freely their frustrations and complaints.

FACT: Its Leader's job to ensure that he brings the entire team together, this helps in 1. Facilitating better communication skills 2. Motivating Employees 3. Promotes Creativity 4. Develops problem solving skills & finally 5. Breaks the barrier by increasing trust factor within teammates 

Setting Team Vision

The next day , Rahul had the group focus on solutions; and build a consensus emerged about key priorities of the business . As the group came with specific action plan, Rahul got the commitment and strong buying-in.With the vision is place , Rahul moved into Authoritative Style , assigning accountability for each follow-up step to specific executives and holding them responsible for their accomplishment.

FACT : Its the leader vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved, it will give the "Why ?" and the reason that you are doing what you do !

Team Leaders Communicate Communicate & Communicate The Vision and Direction

Over the following months, Rahul’s main stance was authoritative. He continually articulated the group’s new vision in a way that reminded each member of how his or her role was crucial to achieving these goals. And, especially during the first few weeks of the plan’s implementation,

Rahul  felt that the urgency of the business crisis justified an occasional shift into the coercive style should someone fail to meet his or her responsibility. Tough on people who were not complying


  • Every aspect of climate improved.
  • People were motivated and innovating  new ways to improve business.
  • They were talking about the division’s vision and
  • Feeling EMPOWERED about their COMMITMENT to new, clear GOALS.
  • The ultimate proof of Rahul’s leadership style was , the division exceeded its yearly target and later next year became profitable .


Authoritative Leadership Style

An authoritative leader is  someone who attracts willing followers, often by virtue of that person’s knowledge, wisdom and experience. 

A non-performing team can be transformed into a high-performing team, if the leader follows the right mix of 6 leadership styles as stated by Goleman research .The Authoritative Leadership was first described by Daniel Goleman and  is one of the most effective leadership style and covering the major part of successful leadership traits .

In the above case , Rahul’s success was not by chance. The Authoritative leader is a visionary who motivates people by making clear to them how their work fits into a larger vision for the organization. People who work for such leaders understand that what they do matters and why .

Authoritative leadership also maximizes commitment to the organization’s goal and strategy by framing the individual tasks within a grand vision. Because of its positive  impact authoritative style works well in almost any business situation

The reason that I wrote the above because I am working on myself everyday to improve and I would like to share my leanings on the basis of my personal experiences and also going through interesting articles on leadership styles,

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