How to Get Job Promotion at work?

A recent study finds evidence that Optimism pays off in Job Hunting and promotions. Research also suggest that having high self-esteem with positive feelings makes us feel good & worthy.

If you are thinking about your next promotion or looking for higher post within or outside your company you need to first work on yourself i.e. being optimist , which will help you to believe that you can do better .

Getting promoted in today’s competitive scenario is not an easy task. The impact of technology , globalization and flatter organizational structures has changed the way people used to get promoted in 90’s . Today employees have to manage their career path through one or multiple organizations . As the organizations are getting flatter, promotions does not mean that you are moving up the ladder but lateral movements with higher stakes are becoming the key factor for future upward move.

And the other challenge lies within you . How you are feeling inside i.e. your Self-Esteem. We all want to feel positive about ourselves and work hard to be able to do so but getting promoted to a responsible position requires patience , courage and above all high self-esteem. We are also the product of our emotions. But if you are the type who is always seen frequently complaining , coming late to work, regularly leaving early or lack drive to bring results is reflection of low self-esteem.

Why we experience low self-esteem – When we start believing that we are inadequate and less worthy than others.  This is when we say to ourselves :

  • I am not good at sales
  • I am not able to speak and present the way my competitor does or
  • I am tired

Such statements only reinforce the negative feelings and put ourselves down.

In my interactions with various professionals at different levels , I have seen that most of them want to get promoted primarily for two reasons

  1. Money Raise &
  2. Prestige

Well there is nothing wrong in both the above reasons, but its important to plan your moves and develop your promotion plan.

The following few strategies may help you move faster in getting your promotional plan in place.

  1. Are You Being Mentored Within Your Own Organization

Many companies have a formal mentoring programme for High POTS , but even if your company does not , there are ways you can get connected and build relationships with people in higher positions in the company . Research suggest that 4 out 5 promotions , those promoted had a mentoring relationship with someone higher in the organization.

2. Promotions are linked to your Potential

Its said that you are not promoted because of your high performance but

because of your High Potential . Keep a record of all your past performances and your appraisal ratings that has helped the organization to enhance its bottom line , and to showcase that you are creative and innovative. This reflects your loyalty and commitment to the organization.

3. Blow your Own Praises

We sell our company products / services with full passion and zeal , but when it comes to selling yourself – we feel disillusioned – Why? Ask yourself ...

Let your company – your boss , his boss and his boss know that you are seeking  a promotion. Keep a known personality. If you have achieved a major breakthrough or created a first time achievement , make sure people know about it – especially the people involved in promotion.

I remember the best line in the movie M S Dhoni – the untold story “ Keep hitting Sixes , where selectors are sitting”

4. For your success , Make your boss Successful

Your boss ( How good or bad he may be)is the gateway to your success and failures . He can raise your bar and can create a path for your next position within the company or can block your path . Use your performance appraisal discussions not just on your accomplishments , but mainly the road blocks to your promotions and how to overcome it, and then work wholeheartedly to exceed expectation.

Know your boss thoroughly - We like people who are similar to us," Cialdini writes. "This fact seems to hold true whether the similarity is in the area of opinions, personality traits, background or lifestyle."

5. Build New Skills and Knowledge areas

A major part of achieving your professional success is by learning new skills , new techniques and staying updated with ever changing technology . This not only help you perform your job better but also keeps you marketable. Look at any profession – Doctors or Lawyers, people want to visit those doctors or lawyers most , who are  updated and continuously invest on their development.

The more you are updated and understand your skills and abilities – the higher are the chances that you succeed in getting future job promotions.

To sum up

Optimism and high self-esteem can help you to achieve not only your job key result areas and get you better appraisal ratings but also it can help you to get promotions in your current job. And even if the company is not going to give you your deserved promotion, you have shown your initiative , creativity and value to your organization – and these things can only help you next time you appear for a promotion.


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