“How successful people may become even more successful”

That’s what Marshall Goldsmith shared with the world through his book “What got you here , WON’T GET YOU THERE”

But I have a different story to share with you all. Right from my childhood to till date, I have always found at least 1 or 2 person around me who are always able to achieve more and make others feel good with their charisma and style.

Nagesh, A close friend, now 36 , got promoted 2 years back as  people’s people manager after getting stuck as people manager role for 4 years.

Do you know why he was stuck or many of us remain where we are?

Nagesh was conservative but very energetic and always worked seriously with full commitment, that’s the reason he made it to the first line people manager role 6 years back.

His initial years as a first line manager was full of challenges.

He used to discuss with me …. “ Few of my teammates feel that they are much superior in product knowledge and strategy building , so they do not pay attention during my conversations with them”

“ During National level meetings , my boss never took a single suggestion from me, and I used to think why did they even invited me for this meeting .”

In addition there were times, having difficult conversations made him feel nervous and less confident in presenting & interacting with leadership teams to put his point across.

Nagesh was internally disturb , as this was happening repeatedly and started feeling low about himself

He introspected many times but was not able to find a way !

Then one day while he was attending his annual review meeting, he came across his new Vice President who came to address the entire management team.

Nagesh was astonished with the charisma of his new Vice President , the way he captivated  his audience by his confidence and the way he narrated most of his messages in the form of stories. He took all questions from the audience , walked upto them with smile , made eye contact and answered their queries .

And so it began……

Before that day , Nagesh thought that charisma was beyond him. He was who he was. He was born with a destiny and it was his duty to live it out.

But that day was a PARADIGM SHIFT. He decided to make a turnaround within him and learn to become an outstanding leader and a role model for others.

Nagesh decided to find a coach for himself, which helped him to shot up his performance , upscale his productivity and profitability for the organization.

Today he is off beat from the average and conservative first line manager. Nagesh got promoted as II line manager 2 years back and  has now become more capable , charismatic , open-minded and free, than he had ever imagined .

What We Can Learn from Nagesh

There are times when you know about certain things from a place of inner wisdom or knowing, and you for sure know that and get a congruent sense of conformity, “that’s right”

This great sense of knowingness specially awakens in the company and presence of some of the learned and charismatic people. And your inner wisdom suddenly awakens! Like in case of Nagesh.

"Skill is only developed by hours and hours of work." – (Usain Bolt, Gold medal Olympic sprinter)

Are you charismatic? 

Want to improve your charismatic rank?

It’s never too late. Just cultivate it, Your charisma can take you to the next level !

A good coach can help you awaken the charisma within you by connecting you to your inner knowingness and helps you enhance your inner power to use your inherent abilities to the fullest.

If you want to enhance your charismatic abilities for next level , you can connect with me on arun.thukral@hcnconnect.in or share this post with others , who may be benefited.

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