Inspirational Leadership by HCN Ahead

In the endeavour of HCN’s mission to help “1000 professionals who wants to take leadership roles in their career sooner or later” we are pleased to introduce to you a series of virtual workshop for all aspirant leaders!

HCN Ahead is a Leadership program designed to develop the role of professionals as managers, as coaches, counsellors and effective motivators. 

Program Overview

The workshop will take us through different stages of leadership journey and will offer us applicable solutions for each step!

Stage 1: Leading Self

Topics covered:

Knowing self- Discover the strength of self attributes

Life Goals and Clarity: Setting Personal and Professional Goals, Clearly identify what we want to be and what we want to do

Find out: Who we are to the world


Session Duration: 150 minutes



Participation Fees: Rs. 500.00 per participant

Group Size: 20

Number of workshops: We will have multiple workshops for stage 1 and for each workshop first 20 participants will get enrolled!

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HCN Sales Leadership Program

HCN Sales Leadership is designed to develop the role of sales managers as coaches, counselors and effective motivators. HCN SLP goes beyond traditional management skills to teach sales leaders to tap the potential wisdom and rich experiences that reside within every sales force and to ensure that sales professionals are receiving the full benefit of their leader’s insight and experience.

In an increasingly impersonal business environment, HCN SLP provides the emotional nourishment and energy needed to transform your team and advance the best traditions of your organization. Just as values and ethics are shared in a family by word and deed, an entire value system is communicated throughout an organization by those who mentor others. Additionally, sales mentoring is an effective vehicle for driving your strategy and gaining a competitive edge.The dynamic HCN SLP workshop includes lectures, group discussions, team exercises and role-plays. Each sales mentoring program is customized to address the specific needs and challenges that you face on day to day basis
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Program Overview

Creating the Future

This module establishes a positive learning environment, initiates a sense of teamwork, and provides an overlay for the Sales Leadership training experience. This module includes agenda setting, program overview, program benefits, and program norms. Key activities include:

  • Recognizing the critical need for sales leadership
  • Assessing one’s sales leadership skills and planning for improvement
  • Identifying one’s leadership style and the necessary style modifications for greater sales leadership effectiveness.
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Establishing a Climate of Trust, Credibility, and Rapport

Focus on the importance of building high-trust relationships. This module provides sales leaders with the mental framework for communicating their interest and desire to be a leader. Key activities include:

• Embracing the positive attributes that build an effective leadership attributes

• Integrating the knowledge, skills, and attributes that are vital to sales leadership effectiveness

• Making the commitment to develop your sales professionals for greater individual .

performance Leaders are vitally important for bringing new life and hope to the people they lead. They provide the emotional nourishment that gives others the hope and energy needed to truly transform their lives for the better.

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