Here’s how to create a GOOD relationship with your BOSS!

When we work in an organization, the amount of time that we spend with our colleagues , peers and bosses, we tend to make relationships with them.

Some of these relationships goes quite a long and some die even while you are working at the same place.

Out of which relationship with your boss is always very crucial and having a good working relationship with your boss defines your next career move within or outside the organization.

I clearly remember , few years back when after work, we all ( My office Team) went for a Friday night drinks and dinner , and after finishing the first round of drinks, suddenly one of my colleague went out for a phone call and came after 15 minutes.

When we asked him , why it took him so long , n he said “ I am really sick of my horrible boss , I feel like I can never meet his expectation” .

It was that moment that we all stopped!

and with courage I asked him , what happened, n he said, “ I finished all my project work today evening and mailed all the files, which was approved by him during our conversations, and just now he called up and has asked me to sit on this weekend and work on it again, as he wants more info to be added.”

It happens to all of us when we work under such bosses. It’s a very thin line balance to have a great working relationship with your boss.

In the above case , the relationship did not last too long and my colleague left the job and moved to a new place.

In my experience, we see  the following three types of people and their relationships with bosses , and if you know how to manage them professionally with maturity , you can go a long way to build healthy relationships .

  1. Hard Working People

These are those people who work very hard and are committed to their work.

But sometimes they come across certain assignments which are not easy and they get worried on how it will be done (Which can happen to anyone), but they feel more worrisome at the hands of their bosses .

I have personally seen many of my colleagues in the past and at present, they are at the mercy of their bosses . They do everything their boss ask them to do , even if its not work-related.

And then it becomes the habit of the boss to take such people suffer more, the boss exploits them to get personal favours – right from picking their bag or making the person wait for hours before they arrive.

These kind of relationships are never productive, and don’t go a long way.

All days are not same, every job has its own challenges – some you do it with ease, some you have to take effort to complete and some are really tough. When your times are tough and if your boss is making you suffer, sit across and sort out things together.

  1. Antagonist People

These are those type of people who have a tendency to oppose things, even if it is for their benefit. And if your habit of being antagonist is frequent with your boss , then it is for sure that your relationship is not going to be lasting with him/her.

I remember when a new boss took over our team, she behaved as if she knew the work happening here for ages and that she knows everyone around, which lead to frequent tussles and arguments as she always wanted to put her foot up .

Over a period of time , we realized that instead of utilizing our professional skills , we are getting into a game of “who’s got more power”, and in every possible situation , we used to disagree with her.

We all have a teenage tendency to challenge the new teacher in the class or a new boss, to an extent it is good also to build a healthy relationship,but if your reactions are coming from your emotional state then its time to work as adults and sit together to sort things out

  1. People Pleasers

These are those type of people , who focus their work on pleasing or impressing their bosses, and there is nothing wrong in it , especially at work.

But there is a thin line difference between , just doing a good work or   doing work for someone else to impress upon.

In one situation, one of my colleague , when he was not in the good books of his boss . His entire focus was on doing tasks / assignments to make his boss happy rather on the work itself. His entire motive behind the work was to keep his job intact by pleasing his boss.

He also realized that if his boss remains happy , his quality of office life goes up and he felt ahead of others because of the praises he earned by his boss.

What’s happening in these type of situations , that instead of innovating or working on developing skills , the entire focus is on finding the mood of the boss and how to focus on doing right things to make boss happy.

The next time you are trying to impress your boss – just think why am I doing so. If its not giving you pride or adding value to you professionally, you must sit with your boss and discuss it out and build your credibility.

Whether you like it or not , relationship with your boss is the name of the game. If you get started sooner, the better.

Look at relationship building as a skill that you need to develop to reach to next level.

As a trained and certified InnerMost shift coach, I have developed immense ability to ask questions that yield maximum benefit to my clients to meet their relationship objectives at professional and personal fronts.

If you have any such issue at work place and you are determined to work on it , reach me out on  or click on this private wats app group link to be a part of my HCN Ahead Community  and share this post with others , who may benefit

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