Hiring the Right Candidate – 5 Mistakes that Managers Make !

Hiring the right candidate is always a nightmare for many , research suggest that more than 90% of new managers do not even know how to take interview and select the suitable candidate , thats the reason there are more rounds of interviews planned .

Once you have posted a job on a portal or to a recruitment agency and got multiple resumes, vetted a select few through multiple stages of your hiring process , and now you have shortlisted final 2 candidates . First there is Porus – Interviewing him was like playing cricket , every ball you bowl to him , he is hitting it to a boundary or a six. At times your conversation is like a perfect batsman , leaving the risky balls . So you cannot fault his candidature

And then there is Rohan . On paper he looks good . But during the interview you find that the person is bit nervous , struggling to find his feet. He is not giving you the desired answers as the previous candidate was. You think that he can do it , but he is not convincing you.

So who do you choose? Porus, I assume. But is Porus the best candidate or just the best candidate at interviewing?

In many cases , interviews are highly disconnected , on what people do on day to day basis and what they say during the interview.

Lets Begin from the Beginning to understand that what mistakes generally people make while they are preparing for the interview process or interviewing a particular candidate.

1. Job Descriptions 

When the Job Description is made for a particular job by the HR department , what is generally seen that its fully loaded with lots of fancy words and wish list that the Talent Acquisition team wants to have,  on the other hand all interviewing managers have their own understanding of the same Job Description , as a result there is no consistency in their understanding of the same role … ..........

In other words everyone wants a super hero in his team which leaves the candidate completely confused .

2. Taking Notes

Its hard for the people to remember what was asked as a question and what the candidate answered. As a result some important follow up questions may be missed. When there is a long gap between the interview and decision, interviewers often forget important details that will help them

compare their previous thoughts of different candidates. Not making notes makes it hard for

interviewers to improve their skills.

3. Competency Check

It is good to have at least one more interviewer check for the same competency. What is not a good practice that several interviewers cover the same competency. In that case if there are other competencies to be probed , the panel can decide before hand .

Take this case

  • “Tell me about a time when you had to make an unpopular decision”.
  • ‘Have you had to make a decision that many employees did not like and were opposed to? ‘
  • “Tell me about a time when you had to convince employees about a decision that you made which was resisted by employees.”

All of the above will yield data about the same competency.

4. Be Aware of Smart Communicators

Like the above case , We often meet and interview people who are very smart in public speaking and can impress in the first meeting itself , and we believe that if we hire such person , he will learn what he does not know; because he is SMART.. This halo effect will let an interviewer assume that the person has all the competencies needed for the role. But the Converse is also true. Do you get such personalities not only when you conduct interviews but in your personal life also ! Evaluate them deeply before you take the final call !

5. Find Competent Professionals

Like the above case, there is enough experience and research available that a competent person who is not a smart communicator may be looked at as unsuitable . While an incompetent but smart communicator is often viewed as suitable for the Role. How True it is?

Energy and Enthusiasm can often be faked during an interview but it may have little to do with the competencies needed for the job. You don’t want to hire someone who can answer your questions but cannot perform the role.

To sum up

Many organizations do not put a structured process of hiring when it comes to front line executives ,In addition companies  are not willing to put a structured process because it involves lot of time and money , while attrition rate at the executive level is always high . Thus what most organizations should do is to put a detailed process to hire senior leaders and middle managers,  If hiring at this level comes good , the hiring at executive level automatically becomes better.

This can be resolved if all the stake holders are trained under one programe and the competencies are explained and practiced.

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