How to increase your productivity 10X times?

Do you know what’s the key difference between Productive People & Average People?

On one hand we have best of the opportunities available to us because of rapid innovation and technology upgradation to make our life easier, today we have the highest number of opportunities to make or earn more money, but on the other hand it has also led to increased competition with too many things to do in too little time.

Today on an average an executive spends

  • 6 to 7 days a week
  • Hardly gets any vacation
  • Earn less salary &
  • Stay unhealthy

And to prove their worth and productivity , most of the executives get into the TRAP of working even more harder by Increasing the amount of work or Increasing the No. Of Hours, which makes them physically , mentally & spiritually a dead person.

We all want to earn more money and to do that we are working more harder every day , may be 12 to 15 hours per day but we have less and less satisfaction and mostly do not enjoy what we do .

Since the change is happening before you even think, deciding where you have to go in next 5 years and then creating a plan. There is a complete change in the mindset with respect to :

  • From Service Age to Information Age
  • From Age of Manpower to Mindpower
  • From No. Of hours to Productive Hours.

I am going to share some of the key principles as cited by “Brian Tracy” – One of the top motivational speaker in the world.  Brian first talks about the 4 different things which can improve your quality of life far faster than you might think

  1. You can do more of certain things.
  • First identify things that are of greater value to you and bring more rewards and greater satisfaction . The more you do those things the higher you create opportunities for yourself
  1. You can do less of certain things.
  • You can deliberately decide to reduce or discontinue activities or behaviours that are not as helpful as other activities and behaviours or can actually be hurtful to you in accomplishing the things you want.
  1. You can start to do things you are not doing at all today.
  • Make new choices, learn new skills, begin new projects or activities, or change the entire focus of your work or personal life.
  1. You can stop doing certain things altogether.
  • Stand back and evaluate your life with new eyes. You can then decide to discontinue activities and behaviours that are no longer consistent with what you want and where you want to go.

Successful people understand that very well that they are paid for accomplishments and not for the efforts or activities alone. Its the outcome that counts rather than inputs because rewards are linked to Quality and quantity of the results. Whereas average people are not able to identify this very clearly and they get into the cycle of working more harder , spend more number of hours and add more work .

To sum it up

If You Want be Successful , here is the recipe ....

If you want to be lead a successful life , take this 30 day challenge – Take a plain sheet of paper and on the left hand side

  1. Write down all the activities / areas getting best results and earning you most of the money and
  2. On the right hand side , write down all the activities / areas , which consume more time but add little value to your goals.

Once you are very clear on your time investors and time wasters , start investing more time on your left side and start reducing your time on the right side activities.

I am sure if you do the above exercise religiously for your own development , it will surely benefit you in the coming months and years. If there are any things in particular you’d like to know about balancing your career with job prospects or If you need personal guidance to peel it further or have any other questions, please leave them in the comments. I’d be happy to answer them ...


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