A recent study reveals that more than 60% of millennials aren’t engage in their jobs, and around 70% millennial surveyed also say, they aren't happy with their company work culture and environment.
Before I move forward , let me ask you a question : Would your employees, today, say you are their best boss ever? The answer may not be “YES” from every employee.
During our work span of 30 years or 40 years, we all do come across different kinds of bosses and its certain that we will encounter a bad boss. In the millennial survey when people were asked , why they aren’t engage in their jobs – and it was very surprising that the main reason was Not the Pay , Not the Work- Life Balance , Not the Work place or the Health policy . The main reason was that they were not engaged because of a Bad Boss .
In today’s world we all are under tremendous work pressure to deliver results – to not only hit the top line but also keep the bottom line up. So obviously you put greater thoughts and time into your product and services than you do into building the culture - “Culture of quality work environment and healthy relationships”.

Why we have bad bosses – There are primary 2 reasons for that

  1. The day you become a manager your job changes completely .When you are in an individual contributor role - you are responsible for your own work , but once you become a manager your performance is measured by what others are doing – Your Team . So all of a sudden its not your performance its about their performance . Its not what you need , its now what they need.For eg.  if you are a Sales Team manager , its not that how you bring the sales . Now its how you bring the right players into your team – build a team , high performance culture , make them more productive and create an environment where people love to work and love to give their 100% - That’s CULTURE    
  2. The other reason is that why we have bad bosses , because we are simply not trained to be managers . In most cases we imitate our bosses whom we admired and followed , but the mistake many makes is when they start behaving as per their Job Title and not as per their roles. So in such cases people work for you but you can’t get top performance , you can’t motivate people to perform just by your authority or title. People will follow you only if you convince them , you care about them and encourage them ( even if mistakes happen)So people work for you – but will not give their 100% - that’s where the sign of bad bosses start .




    Lets see what are top 3 actions you can take or try to do, in order to be a perfect boss!

    1. Practice & Perfect Your Leadership Skills – TRAIN HARD and OFTEN !

    The business world is changing and so are the demand of new skills , which means you need to adapt . When was the last time you worked on improving your business skills and how often you do it – once a day , once a week , once a month or once a year .

    Your company may train you for the job  but the day you start your job , you realize that you are totally unprepared, there was no class on leadership , no body taught you how to create a high performance culture , no body taught you how to pick the best person in the job .

    So training is an ongoing activity and has to be enforced by the boss

    2. Build High Performance Culture 

    Creating a high performance culture is the key ability of the team leader . Culture simply means that how your people behave in a particular way to achieve their objectives, which means everyone – every team member in the team is aware about three things – Vision , Strategy and Passion to WIN . Each person in the team knows that his contribution is counted and he is making the difference to meet the overall impact ... This is how leaders create culture

    Create the culture of high performance in your team , culture here simply means how your people behave in a particular way to achieve their objective

    3. Celebrate with Team

    We often forget to celebrate with the team , rather we wait for the big day or the big moment to arrive to start the celebration . Successful leaders not only celebrate with the team  because they deserve it but also make each team member feel stronger .

    Well there are no perfect bosses , but yes we can strive for excellence in becoming one !

    To sum it up, In today’s world most managers in the business world are transnational leaders. Incentivising people for motivation and driving business is always short term , the long term is only achieved by transformation. True leaders work on transformation of people which brings self-motivation , Trust , Responsibility and accountability , which is long lasting 

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