What Makes You Rare & Valuable – Your Competitive Advantage!

Are you the First, Only , Faster , Better or Cheaper than the others in the market ?

I always keep asking this question to myself – not that there is any fear but when I look ahead , it helps me to prepare for the future.

Six years back, When I went to IIM , Bangalore to attend a Creative Marketing event for 3 days . I attended a presentation by an IT professional who turned out to be a booming entrepreneur ( Must be in early 50’s) with over 500 Cr. Turnover .

His vision, passion and focus was so clear and inspiring that made me take notice and he talked about how he was able to build the database of millions of farmers in rural areas which helped them not only to get easy loans from the banks but also many more services reaching out to them through his new portal.

By the end of his presentation, I had somehow agreed to follow him by executing my underlying plan and set my sights on building strong network where through capability building and professionals getting better job opportunities to fast track their careers.

Unlike other job consultants that covered multiple industries, I became obsessed with building my focus on Pharma & Healthcare industry to begin with.

But when I entered into the real world I realized how tricks of the trade work in this industry ,           As I was new, I had to make various decisions based on my gut feeling due to poor information & lack of resources, which eventually led me to deal with uncertainties, Changes and constraints head on.

The Competitive Edge

I always feel satisfied, when I am helping people to work on building their skills / capabilities so that they perform better and be a leader in their role / life.

With over 2 decades of my experience in Sales and People management skills,  I use my creative skills to solve difficult and challenging problems with ease.

Developing people is my form of art, my way of creating things that didn’t exist before. Which is where I have build my COMPETTITVE EDGE , My true PASSION

Unfortunately – or may be fortunately – my last job stopped providing that wonderful feeling. Without it, work became very boring and monotonous.

To build my competitive advantage, I had asked myself which one thing that would bring the most joy back into my daily professional life – i.e. Inspiring People to move up in their career and become better leaders in their life.


Making My Own Path

After initially settling the recruitment part at HCN . I wanted to explore the moments that brought me not only the sense of accomplishment but also the feeling of doing things and that me to introduce

”HCN AHEAD”- A mission  to help & develop 1000 professionals who wants to take leadership roles in their career sooner or later.

Basically, my passion is not only building a strong network of professionals but also coaching others how to do it. This is something I was doing in my previous jobs as well.

The Road Ahead !

You never know what’s ahead so keeping your competitive edge is always a good idea, no matter how “secure” you feel in the moment. And who knows what kinds of opportunities may come your way?

I know the road ahead is full of challenges that I need to consider and overcome, and  to keep this fire ON,

I am currently developing few short courses both Online and Offline on Leadership and Job Success , so that more and more people can have access to it . But this will involve cost as I have to also take care of my earnings through learning’s.

Quality is, of course a major consideration for any program, and that is where I feel most confident. I’ve plenty of professional support from colleagues and my own experience & Skills to learn and teach them to a large audience.

If you want to be the First, Only , Faster , Better or Cheaper than the others in the market , ( If not cheaper but better pay off) , You need to build your Competitive Edge by finding the Mission of your life.

So if you are interested in learning how to be a leader in your job or life , whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional , visit www.hcnconnect.in or


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