When Is It Ok ( Or Not Ok) To Tell Your Boss , That You Are Looking Out For Job Change!

There are times in our career when we are not satisfied with our current job or when there is a career shaping opportunity that strikes us to make a next career move, we generally tend to discuss the same with our friends or family members but not with our immediate boss ( Some may even do that as well, which I will share it further)

The only reason of not breaking the news of job search with your boss would be that it might backfire you with unpleasant surprises or consequences .

So what to do in this situation !

There may be several things going in your mind, on one hand you do not want to be labeled as unfaithful to your boss or break the trust which you have developed over the years.

At HCN, I  come across various professionals on daily basis who are job seekers and during conversations, I learn lot of interesting things from them on how they have managed to tell their bosses .

Let me share a few which I hold in my memory .

  • Rajesh – a senior executive , told me once that his “boss is a very supportive and provides career coaching to many , and he is a very close friend and a colleague. So I will have no problem in sharing with him – rather he will guide me , how should I negotiate my salary”


  • Amit – A mid level manager , was sharing his experience. “ I was No. 2 in the top 10 talent pool in the organization , when I announced to my boss that I am planning to leave. My boss was upset with me initially n he said “How can you look outside, when there is so much for you here”.                After some time he called me again and said " I am working out something for you internally , but you need to wait. I assure you that your career will move faster here than any other place." I respected my boss verdict and stayed back, however after few months I didn't see any movement as the senior management was taking time.   So I decided to have a face to face meeting with my boss about my decision to look opportunities outside. At this point he not only supported my decision but also  told me with a smile that he can be available for referral check.

If your relationship with your boss is in superlative mode, the high chances are that you would not hold yourself to disclose to him/her about your decision at an early stage as well.

The Key is “How is your Relationship with your boss”

But all cases are not like that , even the bosses are very careful , they also take call on case to case basis .

What may fit here , may not fit in the next case.

If you are not sure how your boss is going to react to the breaking news about your considering the new job search, then don’t do anything in open that will invite any trouble in future.

  • Saloni - She told me that she was not satisfied with her organization and boss due to the last increment she got, so she made up her mind to look outside for opportunities . To build her decision , she started talking to her close working colleagues and peers . Slowly it started building like a gang of employees showing dissatisfaction at work .  But what Saloni missed out is , that her boss was very alert. He picked up the clues quite early and openly warned her with serious consequences .Thats when Saloni reached out to HCN and wanted a job desperatelyWhat we learn here - That a good  relationship can sour , if you are not in the right conscious state .

There are few tips that you must pay attention to :

  • Do not use company laptop / internet search engines for your job search, these days there are many tools like Machine learning / Artificial Intelligence are in place and it can be easily tracked
  • Do not use company provided phone to take interview calls , your call records can clearly reflect , where your maximum calls are coming and going
  • Do not advertise too much on social media – Linked-In or Face book , it’s so easy for your employers to catch your mind state , particularly your boss. Or even the potential employers will see you as too much vocal in the social space and may not prefer hiring you.
  • And Most Importantly - Be in the state of happiness from within through your inner knowingness

The next time you are in this situation, take it case to case basis. Job search is always personal as its going to impact YOU ONLY. Weigh your options carefully, talk to your friends , family or JOB COACH

A JOB COACH can help you arriving at a decision by connecting you to your inner knowingness and whatever decision you arrive at.

Whatever I have shared above is out of my personal experiences and few articles that I went through.

I am very passionate to coach individuals who are willing to get coached to enhance their job performance. You can discuss about your career with me on  https://m.me/hcnconnect

If you find the above useful, give your feedback  or share it with your friends or colleagues who can be benefited.

Disclaimer - ( The names shared above are not actual and has no resemblance with any individual in real life )

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