Why you should PAY MORE attention to your CV ?

Do You know that :

  • The average time spent by recruiters looking at a resume: 5 to 7 seconds
  • 76% of resumes are discarded for an unprofessional email address
  • 63% rejection rate when you have long CV of more than 3 pages

If you are looking out for job search and not getting anywhere , you need to look at your resume

Your CV is designed to do one thing for you : to get a Desired Job.

I remember it was in 2007, when I decided to pursue new job opportunities outside of my current  company,  I  took the help of a job consultant  for the first time. Without taking much time I just updated my existing CV and sent it to the lady I spoke. I still remember that I had a very promising talk with the job consultant and I was full of hopes that I will soon get a call from her to share new jobs for me.

Well time passed from 1 week to 2 weeks , and as I was not in a hurry to get jobs , so I decided to call the job consultant after 20 days to check the progress of my candidature .

First the lady took a long pause , because she had completely forgotten me and my CV.

After searching her e-mails , she recollected my details and said that my CV is not appropriate as its

  • Outdated
  • Lack my core competencies
  • Its of 5 pages and
  • Most importantly – it lacks my key result areas which reflect my candidature for a senior level role

That day for the first time I gave a deep look into my CV and realized that my entire CV was more of my early job days and doesn’t have much of my career journey that I already had so far , I was in a shock that how could I miss out on such an important document , which is going to decide my next job and how the recruiters or other employers must have perceived my profile .

That was the moment I decided to work on my CV and give it the best shape that it needed .

I called back my job consultant the next day and asked her , how can she help me to write my CV in the most professional way . She suggested me to speak to Naurki.com and get my CV done by paying a nominal cost .

Well I followed the instructions and got the CV done , Naukri took almost 1 week or may be 10 days to deliver  . The CV was very neat  with nice fonts and effective vocabulary , I was really impressed and felt satisfied that now I am also having an edge .

But my happiness did not last much , After reading my CV twice – I realized that the content was having words , which I never heard of , and even connecting them to my profile was becoming difficult for me and on top of it, it  completely lacked the specifics related to my job , achievements and key elements of my KRA that would reflect “who I am”

I went back to the Naukri Team , they rewrote my CV and again took almost 1 week to revert . Again I was not satisfied as it still lacked the specific components ,  then I analyzed that Naukri has a specific pattern to use the same words  / KRAs again and again for professionals ( Which they keep on recycling).

So finally I had to sit and reshape my own CV in my own words, which helped me to get my next job and it took almost 1 year to happen .

There are few learning’s from this episode:

  1. You can’t get someone else to write your CV on your behalf, unless they have spoken to you for a fairly decent amount of time , getting to understand your true goals in finding a new job. Understanding your strengths , competencies and getting a sense of how you would want to put your career objective.

Your CV consultant must be the voice behind the person being described”.

  1. If you are still not able to articulate all your key achievements and accomplishments your career to date  into 2 or max 3 pages , then by all means seek some professional assistance . But don’t completely depend upon someone else to write about you without speaking to the concerned person.
  2. Consistency is the key - Be Consistent in your in all your information that you provide in your CV . Like Fonts – maintain the same font ( Preferably 10) throughout . Keep your professional journey well connected from the time you started your professional career to till date ... Always put the latest job details on the top , because that’s what you get evaluated on majorly and not the one which you would have done 10 years back.

Resumes are not made on daily basis , professionals generally start reviewing their resumes , when they are looking out for a job change and in most cases job seekers generally feel that if the same resume got them the previous job , then just by tweaking the current job details the next job will also follow – that’s where the problem lies and the net result is your resume floats from one mail box to other or from one job portal to other , and you don’t get desired job opportunity

In my last 5 years of job consulting experience , I have understood that a good resume can open good opportunities for you when your personal networking fails . I have also seen the worst resumes are of professionals who are more than 15 years plus of experience and they need to watch out  and work on it maximum and align with the changing trends.

Having experienced all my personal challenges in CV making and the various service providers , I developed a passion for writing the CVs of professionals 3 years back and so far we have written more than 600 CVs and I have personally reviewed the resumes if they are matching the requirement of the individual  or not .

If you are also planning to re-write your CV to match the current needs of the market, matching your own originality , you can visit our website link http://www.hcnconnect.in/resume-writing/

And connect with HCN team to advise you the best solutions to help you to create your influence through your CV ...

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