Recruitment Process Outsourcing

HCN Offers Recruitment process outsourcing simply by using the expertise of our experienced recruitment professionals to manage the internal recruitment of your business .

Recruitment is a complex procedure that requires thought and planning

HCN Offers :

  • Company Staffing need analysis
  • Recruitment and budget planning
  • Assistance with recruitment process development
  • Conducting interview drives
  • Employee induction
  • Talent Management Program

Why I should Choose HCN RPO ?

  • Time enabling key personnel to get on with growing business
  • Gain access to a team of professionals for a fraction of the cost
  • Have a consultant who can assist you with end to end recruitment planning and roll out
  • Reduce the total fixed and variable cost associated with recruiting
  • Institute a consistent and predictable recruit-to-hire process
  • Increase candidate quality
  • Reduce time where roles are vacant
  • Increase hiring manager satisfaction and have required staff in place so the business does not suffer

How to choose your RPO provider ?

There are many providers of RPO in the market. It is vital that you understand your needs and properly match the skills of the RPO provider to your needs.

Points to consider:

  • Your provider has a history of success
  • Ensuring you like and trust the actual RO Consultant assigned and not just the company as a whole
  • Ensure they have local knowledge necessary to help you
  • Access to wide range of candidate network
  • Ability to head hunt for ideal candidates rather than rely on contingency recruitment
  • Ability to set up recruitment department and all processes
  • Ability to pre-screen the candidate properly having had detailed discussion with you on required skills and personalities
  • Skilled in account management and experience working with line managers for interviews