HCN assists corporate clients in their Regular or Seasonal staffing requirements by providing contractual or temporary manpower.

We work with our clients for hiring or identification of temporary and permanent resources and take the selected resources on our payroll for providing the payroll support services to the client. HCN takes complete responsibility for all HR Administrative activities, statutory employee benefits and compliances for the outsourced resources. The operational and performance related aspects are monitored by the client and the client retains complete control of the same. Some of the benefits are:

  • Companies to select from an already screened bench of    potential candidates: It saves time money and extra energy
  • Bulk Resourcing to match company requirement: Creation and maintenance of backed resource pool
  • Management of seasonal/flex-workforce: Providing hassle-free conversion from temporary to permanent, if the need arises

HCN works across industry verticals, catering to requirements of leading names in Healthcare, Pharma, Diagnostics, IT and other sectors.


We would be excited to talk to you and understand your Staffing needs. Do write to us: enquiry@hcnconnect.in