Getting a job today is easy but making the best out of that job can be worth if you know how to make it work for you .Especially if you calculate the time that you spend each month and the productivity of your time.
Make your each day count by putting your best efforts and time into it. Dont waste your time doing unproductive things. And the same applies to me so that I can also improve myself and bring the best out of me in challenging situations.
Success in your job or work comes when you are able to build trust in your teammates , superiors and your customers enough , when they open up to you and trust you 100%.
In this section , I will be sharing the top 10 ways to waste your time in your Job ( Negate Them All) !

1. The first reason is POOR SELF ESTEEM : Self-Esteem determines our success or failure . How we think about ourselves defines our success or failures. Loosing doesn’t hurt as much as the fear of losing.

2. The second top reason is UNWILLINGNESS TO TAKE RISK : There’s a saying “ If you don’t find risk , risk will find you” . A risk which does not give pain is a very safe risk. The person who never does anything makes no mistake, while not doing anything is the biggest mistake .

3. The third way to waste time in your job is through LACK OF PERSISTENCE : When faced with problems or challenges , we give up too soon . Failing does not mean that we are failures. More people fail not because of skills or knowledge but by quitting too soon

4. Number four is Having a HUNTER MENTALITY : we all live in an age of instant results scenario like Instant Coffee , Fast – Food and quick results . When people want instant results , they tend to focus on short-cuts , which leads to long term problems.

5. Number five is LACK OF CONVICTION : You don’t take a stand whats right or wrong , and just stand in the middle to be carried away where the weight is heavier . Thus you become the part of the crowd .

6. Number six is DON'T PLAN YOUR DAY : In my case if my day is not planned , then I am lying on my bed and watch T.V. , which means I don’t achieve anything but waste my day . People without purpose have no idea what to achieve on a particular day .

7. Number seven WORRY ABOUT THINGS YOU CAN'T CONTROL : Many times we build blocks around us by thinking all the things that we have no control on it and then start setting up for failure . Work on action based activities . Focus on what you can do as per your capability level.

8. Number eight COMPETE WITH OTHER PEOPLE : The famous badminton coach Pullela Gopichand recently said “ The best results in my life came when I wasn’t competing against anyone but myself”. Don’t try to become better than your peers rather compete with yourself i.e. personal excellence

9. Number Nine is ACCOMPANY NEGATIVE PEOPLE :If you stay with negative people often , you will find that they have problem for every solution . You will easily find these people around you to kill your creativity and motivation to work

10. Finally my number ten is DON'T LEARN FROM PAST MISTAKES: What do we learn from past mistakes – that we should avoid repeating them again. When we don’t learn from our mistakes they become regrets .

Well the list can be longer than this , but I cannot narrate all out here . So if want to have a successful career ahead in your job / work , just avoid all the above situations and work other way round .
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