From Unproductive to Productive Patterns – Why & How ?

From Unproductive to Productive Patterns – Why & How ?

Are there times during the day , you feel Unproductive? Like you set your tasks in the morning and start at it. But you get distracted or someone distracts you.

Last month when I got a call from my Ex-Colleague who told me that how he was not able to do anything much in his job as he felt its repetitive and habitual responses from his peers and people around him and how he was feeling guilty about it.

I myself have been in that state before and could easily co-relate to him - when you want to be a good employee and you have the desire to always produce great work but somewhere you feel stuck & unproductive

As we are entering more into the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning era , the challenges are going to increase much more .

But in the end we are human and not machines who can’t be programmed to function at peak performance all the time.

Which means that despite our best intentions , life doesn’t go as planned. So there is no guarantee that our productivity to be 100% all the time.

When we repetitively feel bad, uncomfortable or sense any pain about situations, soon our unconscious takes over as we consciously can’t handle all such feelings.

This obstructs our flow of energy and we lose our focus to handle the current situation.

How to choose Productive Patterns

First thing that you need to decide how important it is for you to feel good and more productive and what is important about it in your life?

Second, you need to realize that this will happen sometimes. And its OK . But don’t let it set as a habit in you. You’ll have to find out ways to come out of it as fast as possible and get back to the work.

Third , most important is to connect to inner knowingness and make a shift . Outstanding people have developed the ability to be in control in these situations while average people tend to loose control.

Conclusion – The BEST way to choose

Do you want to be an outstanding individual and be in the state of productive state every time?

Using BestLife science and systematically working, I can help you make InnerMost Shift to be in the productive state.

I have learnt to coach using tools that connects you to your resourcefulness. My coaching interaction and questions will raise your awareness, which will make you more productive.

Share this post whom you feel can be benefited or connect with me if you want to get coached to be an outstanding individual.

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