You can’t choose your parents and your Boss! Can You?

But you can choose how to react or respond to them.

Like in a school, if you had a teacher who helped you succeed, made you feel valued student and build confidence in you – You turn out to be a great student.

The same goes when you enter into a professional life, An encouraging boss makes you comfortable, build confidence in you , give value to your efforts – and you turn out to be a great employee and a great leader

Unfortunately, the case is not always the same. When the person you work under is a micro-manager, has anger to solve problems, biased towards one person or just isn’t very competent, you still have to work to make the best of the situation and be a winner (or the last option is to QUIT.)

Couple of months back I met a mid level manager, who was placed by us 1.5 years back. I asked him how things are going in his work space. He said “ Arun, it was all going good a year back , but recently there were some organizational changes got announced and I got a new boss, since he joined this place – there is lot of discomfort and ego issues with this man, and I want to quit the job . Pls. look for good opportunities for me”

I asked him back immediately, “What if , your new boss in the new organization is worse than this”

He looked completely blank, I told him “ Do not make the decision of leaving the company for  one person”,

I continued “ This is the best time to work with your current boss , there is so much to learn from this difficult boss, which will add to your experience”

“Do not treat him as a boss; treat him as a difficult client to deal with”

After years of working under different kind of bosses many bad ( and few good ones) . Most of my professional’s skills got polished when I was in tough situations that my (So called – bad bosses) gave me.

During those tough times, I worked more harder and been a self-starter, which made me more independent and fearless in approach.

At times it is very difficult to work under such bosses , who are micro-managing you, but trust me - take this as a phase , like good times never last, this phase will also get over and something new will emerge.

During this period , you will not get what you expect from a good leader or a mentor. There will not be any constructive feedback, genuine evaluation, rewards or recognition .

But such difficult bosses can teach you life long lessons:


What do you expect from your boss? To lead you , motivate you and make you more productive. Now that situation is not in your hand.

How long can you cry over this situation? This is the time to sit down and make a plan for yourself.

A boss who doesn’t lead you or motivate you , is actually making you self-sufficient.

When you know there is no one to look upto , you will start finding your own ways of doing things.

Find a new mentor for yourself , who can guide you in these times .

This will shape you into a self- sufficient professional , who doesn’t need a support or spoon fed.



When you decide not to quit because of your boss and you survive all difficult moments you went through , makes you resilient.

You now know how to manage crisis and develop thick skin towards all kinds of criticism

You will be able to work under pressure in a negative , thankless and hostile environment.

It will also make you learn , how to stay calm and focused despite challenges

Remember – This is what being EXPERIENCED means and not the number of years that you count.



There will be situations when your boss put across nearly impossible targets or task for you to accomplish. Like few years back , due to the incompetency of my boss and to please his boss , we had to take the targets which were completely impossible to achieve.

Well I couldn’t do much and had to put more efforts in achieving the impossible task.

But by working with an incompetent , manipulative or bad mouthed person all day ,

I learned what I should not be treating my teammates with , what I never liked.

I decided that in future , When I will be in his position , I will be very empathetic and inspiring for my team. And learn to appreciate a good boss.


CONCLUSION – It’s not that too difficult !

Working with a bad boss is like playing with fire, so you need be cautious if you have one.

Observing and learning from others mistake is as important as learning from your own.

So whether it’s your school teacher or your current boss in office … Its in your hand , how you handle the given situation.

Having a coach and mentor can definitely help you to excel professionally …

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